The 4Sight Model

The discipline of Organisational Resilience is growing and developing.

Cranfield University has developed a four stage Resilience model, called 4Sight, which can be used to support your Organisational Resilience programme.


Horizon Scanning and other early warning processes are an essential part of an Organisational Resilience Management System, as they allow the organisation to prepare and adapt to external and internal changes.

The foresight stage ensures these processes are maintained.


Fully understanding the changing landscape helps your organisation to effectively implement changes to minimise the negative effects and maximum opportunities.

Effective insight and research should be a regular activity of a resilience programme.



Leadership and governance of the resilience system is key to it’s success. Without this support and resources, it is unlikely the organisation will be able to change, adapt or react to an event, whether it was expected or not.


Regardless of the success of a response, there are always lessons that can be learnt.  hindsight encourages continual improvement of the resilience programme.


Find Out More

BSI and Cranfield School or Management have produce a “summary of academic evidence, business insights and new thinking”.

The report is available free-of-charge: